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James did exactly what he says he’s going to do

"I hired James to help me navigate the judicial system to have my firearms right restored . He’s fee was very fair and with his help saved me countless hours trying to accomplish this myself. I have my rights restored and very grateful to James for his fast efficient work."

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An experienced attorney

James represented us in a criminal vehicular homicide case. He kept us updated as he researched the facts and was preparing for the numerous court appearances. James was always thoroughly prepared for court. He made sure we knew what to expect & answered our questions. He aggressively researched and found the right expert witnesses that we needed to prove our case to the jury. In court he was confident and totally prepared -it was obvious to us that he has had a lot of experience. His closing statement to the jury was well thought out along with a power point presentation reviewing the facts. As a result of his expert work the jury ruled in our favor. We found James Chatto to be honest with a lot of integrity.

James Chatto is a great lawyer.

Mr. James Chatto is a very professional and respectful lawyer. I hired him for two separate cases and I was pleased with the results both times. He is flexible with meetings and always returns phone calls and text messages in a timely manner. I’d recommend his services to anyone to anyone, your future is no joke. =)


James Chatto is by far the best lawyer I have ever came in contact with. I hired him for my DUI case. He had my charges dropped at the first hearing. He did it all in a professional and respectful manner. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer. He’s a great guy! You won’t regret it!!

Great lawyer

Mr. Chatto won my case. I was charged with a felony drug crime. He blew the prosecutor’s case out of the water at a contested hearing. My case was dismissed before we ever reached the jury trial. I would recommend him to any friend that needed help.

James did exactly what he says he’s going to do

I hired James to help me navigate the judicial system to have my firearms right restored . He’s fee was very fair and with his help saved me countless hours trying to accomplish this myself. I have my rights restored and very grateful to James for his fast efficient work.

Great lawyer simple solutions for difficult situations

Great services very and listened to everything I had to say. Got the result I wanted

Above and beyond

I was referred to James Chatto by a family friend/lawyer who was too close to my family to comfortably represent me. Considering the source of recommendation I had no reservation seeking James out. He did not let me down whatsoever.

James let me know clearly what I was facing, what my options were, and he stood by me. He was knowledgeable and wise. He demanded the truth be apparent on all sides and defended based on truth. He is a man of integrity, he is thoroughly versed in his profession, he demonstrates compassion regardless of the situation, you can witness his passion for what he does, and you can trust that he will do the work he is entrusted to do.

Professional, fast, & informative

I had serious charges and was looking at minimal of 5 years prison. Attorney James R. Chatto was referred to me from a friend and he changed my life indefinitely. From beginning to end James Chatto was very professional and informative. He exceeds most lawyers response time because he sincerely cares about the client and their future. I have heard a lot of stories from other people about hiring a lawyer and being stressed out because the lawyer doesn’t return their calls or keep them informed until the day before they’re supposed to go to court. I hope I don’t need a lawyer in the future but if I do it’s going to be James Chatto he is worth every penny and is as professional as they come.

One of the best in his business

I recently got arrested for a DWI. Two days after the incident I received an invitation from James for a free consultation. Not knowing what I was facing in penalties I called him. We spoke for some time and he explained it all. I knew I needed him after the first few minutes. I’m a great judge of character and can tell you that James is the real deal. His knowledge, kindness and sensitivity are beyond compare. With his help we were able to plead my case down to reckless driving. I take help and kindness personally and James will always be a dear friend of mine. If you are ever in a similar situation or are facing a felony conviction, don’t look anywhere else. James Chatto is your hope for a better tomorrow.

Mr. James R. Chatto

My boyfriend got a DWI and the county wanted to give him the worst possible punishment, Mr. Chatto’s expertise helped lower the sentencing as close as possible to his requests. We heard nothing but good things about James and decided to give him a call and he did a wonderful job and helped out a lot. I highly recommend him 🙂

Excellent counselor and guide, exactly what you want in a lawyer

With several attorneys in my family, we wanted the best legal representation we could find when a family member needed a criminal defense attorney. Having known Mr. Chatto on a casual basis previously, I immediately thought of him to assist my family member, and am so happy I did. He guided us through the inherently stressful criminal process, was reasonable in cost, and obtained a result we are so happy with and grateful for. He is an intelligent, caring, and practical lawyer. I would absolutely retain Mr. Chatto again, and recommend him without reservation.

The BEST attorney, professional and supportive

When I hired James Chatto, I was not sure if I picked a good lawyer, even after reading multiple reviews. The case I was involved in seemed complicated and scary to me, and I was afraid that he won’t be able to help me. However, Mr. Chatto made the process incredibly comfortable with his confidence and support: I did not have to do anything, just provide details about the case and watch him do the rest. We got the result I could never hope for – a relatively small fine compared to much larger possible penalties. I could never thank Mr. Chatto enough for his help in preserving my good reputation and making sure that I don’t stress out too much during the process

Great Lawyer

This lawyer supports you very good. Keeps you positive and on top of everything. He is very well motived to keep fighting for you.
I would absolutely recommend him to everything.

Excellent referral

In need of an attorney, I was referred to James Chatto. I met James for a consultation appointment. After this initial appointment I decided to move forward and hire him. My end result could not of turned out any better. I would highly recommend James for your attorney needs.

Great Attorney to Work With

I have hired James on a few occasions, so I can accurately attest that he is very professional, caring and all around a great attorney to have at your defense. He does a great job of explaining the situation to you as a client, the possible outcomes and also how things may best be handled. My last experience working with James he helped me get two felony charges dismissed before going to trial. We explored other options in my case before going to trial and ultimately waited till I had an offer of paying a level of restitution that I felt acceptable with. James has came to my rescue also in the past and was very helpful in my defense in DUI and also another felony charge, in which case he also got the felony dismissed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great defense attorney in the metro or southern mn area as I’ve worked with him on a case in the cities and also outside of the metro area. All around he is a great guy, who is easy to talk with and does a great job coming to your defense in your legal issues, I will highly recommend him to anyone I know that needs a great attorney

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose James Chatto

I highly recommend Jim. I must of received 50+ letters in the mail from attorneys. I chose the 5 I liked the best and began contacting them. Something stuck out about Jim, I could see fire in his eyes – he was there to fight and protect my rights. I immediately chose him after our consultation.

Jim has extensive knowledge of the courtroom, he knows of many different angles to approach a problem. He works extremely well with the prosecutor to make a fair deal. He always has an answer for my question and prepares you/keeps you informed whats going on with your case in the courtroom.

Review: James R. Chatto

Very east to talk to. I felt James listen to my every word. He in turn provided excellent advice and guidance. Additionally, he provided also encouraging words throughout entire process. I really felt that he genuinely had my best interest at hand. I Highly Recommend!!

Excellent Representation

Mr. Chatto did an excellent job representing me. He let me know at our initial meeting what to expect in court as well as what his fee would be. He was responsive to my calls and answered my questions quickly.

In need of legal help? Call James Chatto

After being arrested for DUI, I immediately called Mr. Chatto, who in turn got in his car and drove over an hour at 2 a.m. to pick me up, comfort, inform, help, advise and guide me in what was going to happen. Mr. Chatto was professional, informed, timely, and instrumental in getting my charges reduced. I would highly recommend Mr. Chatto!

Good Representation

Mr. Chatto represented me in my case and won. However, the reason I hired him was because he actually seemed he cared about me. Another lawyer I had contacted actually yelled at me and pretty much indicated I was stupid. Mr. Chatto listened and kept me informed every step of the way.

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